I joined IBC in 1992 and have held a huge variety of roles in those twenty-one years. My father had great belief that to prepare to run an organisation you must first understand the challenges of each role. I must admit I did not succeed all the time but I certainly was able to learn a lot from any failings.

I had the great privilege of succeeding my father as managing Director of IBC in 2006 and oversaw the formation and ultimately the sale of the Joint Venture business to BASF. The last five years have been a difficult time for many in the Irish Construction Industry but it has also provided a great education and a better understanding of our business and the challenges and needs of our customers.

On personal level, I am married to my wonderful wife, Jennifer, and very fortunate to have two beautiful daughters, Rosanna and Sophia, who provide us with great fun and laughter. I have a keen interest in sports, in fact any game where there is a ball involved is where I find a lot of pleasure; sadly it’s more a watching brief than playing these days.