CEMflex LCA 115

What is CEMflex LCA 115:

CEMflex LCA115 is an easy to use, economic, liquid crystalline waterproofing concrete admixture. CEMflex LCA115 creates a crystalline “nano” structure within the concrete matrix, reducing the diameter of capillaries and sealing of any micro static cracks (up to 400 microns).

Typical application fields include waterproofing of concrete:

  • Basements and below grade parking structures
  • Potable water structures
  • Sewage retaining structures
  • Tunnels and pipes
  • On grade slabs, ramps and pile caps
  • Providing waterproof shotcrete


Watertight Concrete Admixtures


  • Minimal influence on concrete segregation
  • CEMflex LCA115 - treated concrete self-seals both existing and future static cracks of up to 0.4mm
  • Properly formulated mix designs result in waterproof concrete resistant against up to 13 bars
  • Quick dispersion; easy to mix with no lumping or need for extensive mixing times
  • Increased resistance against low-ion soft water and aggressive media with a pH range of 3-12
  • Suitable for potable water


For full technical information, please click here:

CEMflex LCA 115 PIP

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