Anaerobic Tank Construction, Lincolnshire

A Consult are a leading UK precast concrete tank manufacturer and installation/construction company. Green energy production on agricultural land using food and animal waste is a fast growing area for the business.

CEMflex VB Plate is used during the manufacturing process of the precast wall elements and during the onsite construction to provide a watertight joint between the precast wall elements and the concrete floor slab.

CEMflex VB Plate is specially designed for use in all non-movement joints in structural concrete and is resistant to a wide range of contaminants.


Type of Job Making a watertight concrete non-movement joint from floor slab to wall and from section to section of the tank wall panels.
Products CEMflex VB Plate
Main Contractors A Consult UK
Contruction Completion 2015
Location Lincolnshire, UK



The site manager was impressed with the quick placing of CEMflex VB Plate onsite: “It’s definitely faster to lay than other water-stops we’ve previously used” A Consult
“This is something we can use both in our manufacturing plant with increased accuracy and speed, and again on site during installation” – A Consult plant manager

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