The Clear Choice for Waterproofing Membranes

DualProof (Fresh Concrete Bonding Waterproofing Membrane) with its unique mechanical bond holds many performance advantages, including its colour.

DualProof is manufactured by the co-extrusion of a high quality Polypropylene Fibertex Fleece with a transparent PVC waterproof barrier. During the vibration phase of concrete placement, the cement paste of the concrete flows throughout the fiber matrix of the DualProof allowing the membrane to interlock with the concrete thus creating its unique mechanical bond. The other advantage of this process is that when the external shuttering is removed the transparent PVC membrane now becomes a “window” to any potential defects in the concrete as seen in the site photo above.

“Window of Opportunity”

DualProof’s transparent PVC membranes allows the contractor and surveyor to assess the concrete quality and address potential issues such as voids, etc. If problems are identified and remedial action is required DualProof holds another benefit in that the membrane is easily repairable using the manufacturer’s recommended “patching” technique.

waterproofing membrane

External surface of the concrete with the DualProof Membrane applied after the shutter has been removed


DualProof is successfully independently tested to fulfil:

EN 13967- CE Marking, BS 8102:2009 Type A Barrier Waterproofing, DIN V 20000-202, DIN 18195, Radon Gas Tightness Test, Water Pressure Test Up to 5 Bar.

Should you have any questions relating to DualProof or any of our other waterproofing products please contact us at or by telephone +353 1 832 1005 (Ire) or +44 28 9424 0976 (UK).

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