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The Clear Choice for Waterproofing Membranes

DualProof (Fresh Concrete Bonding Waterproofing Membrane) with its unique mechanical bond holds many performance advantages, including its colour. DualProof is manufactured by the co-extrusion of a high quality Polypropylene Fibertex Fleece with a transparent PVC waterproof barrier. During the vibration phase of concrete placement, the cement paste of the concrete flows throughout the fiber matrix…
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The Next Generation of Waterproofing Membranes

Dualproof, the fresh concrete bonding membrane which is fast becoming the membrane of choice across Central Europe for waterproofing below ground concrete structures. DualProof Overview Dualproof is a water and gas resistant PVC membrane with a unique Polypropylene Fibertex Fleece. The PVC outer layer is water and gas resistant while the PP FIbertex Fleece enables…
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The Watertight Case for CEMflex VB Active Waterstop

The Active Waterstop that achieves reliable watertight sealing of non-movement joints in reinforced concrete The Problem Water-resistant concrete structures have gained increasing importance in recent years. However, given that the joints in these constructions have often proven the Achilles heel, the associated sealing solutions warrant particular attention on the part of designers, specifiers and contractors…
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