'We recently started using the CEMflex non-movement waterstop system in both the manufacture of our tank panels and also onsite at the erection and build up stage. Both the teams in the panel production plant and those onsite have been very pleased with the results. There's no doubt that it is quicker to fit in both situations and the lack of any backing paper is also a big plus and also saves on waste disposal and again, time. We particularly like the fact that it only becomes active when in contact with concrete – this is really useful at the panel storage stage after manufacture and on-site; in fact a real boon in a climate such as the UKs where inclement weather is often the enemy of an exposed waterstop and where the issues of early activation can make expensive problems. CEMflex can be fitted in all weather conditions unlike other products, it can be shaped by hand and it simply clips together – it's also light to handle and has no sticky surface. We look forward to using CEMflex on future projects.'

Mr. Steve Houghton , Construction Manager BSc (Hons)