About Us

Our Statement



The SURFASOLOGY™ network comprises of a number of innovative niche market European manufacturers of construction products & chemicals who focus on improving construction techniques and performance by developing products that are easy to use and meet the performance criteria required to satisfy the most stringent construction standards.

The primary focus of SURFASOLOGY™ is on high efficacy structural waterproofing solutions designed to enable efficient installation and minimise the possibility of water ingress into structures.

Our products are all manufactured in ISO Quality System compliant facilities and meet the relevant local, National, & European standards. SURFASOLOGY™ network members manufacture products exclusively in the Germany, Switzerland, and the UK.

We support these products in local markets with highly-qualified technical professionals who understand both on-site demands and the design detail. We work in a collaborative way with our clients at all stages of the project to ensure that the correct design, preparation, and application are carried out to ensure a timely and successful outcome for all stakeholders.

We actively sell, market and technically support our products in international markets where English is the primary language of commerce.

Our Vision

With an extensive experience of the past and inspiration of the present, we see ourselves in future as providers of reliable, highly effective and innovative structural waterproofing solutions.

Our vision is to be seen by our customers as a source of high quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly products throughout the markets we serve.

The strive for excellence is present in every step we take with the provision of outstanding technical support and five star customer service being our main priorities.

Our Values

SURFASOLOGY™ was founded through a network of family-owned businesses. Therefore, corporate values have been seen through a prism of the family virtues.

Respect, loyalty and commitment, integrity and honesty have been recognised by SURFASOLOGY™ as core values that define company's activities and its direction. We see these values as timeless commitments that will guide our future actions.

Our Mission

"To provide concrete sealing solutions which truly are water-tight!"


Our Team