Areas of Expertise

  • Dualproof
    Waterproofing Membranes

    Waterproofing Membranes (or 'Type A' barrier waterproofing protection) are applied to the structural concrete element either pre or post pour to prevent the ingress of water into the structure. We offer three types of barrier membrane: bentonite clay liners, mechanically bonded membranes, and water-reactive membranes.


  • Structrally Integral Protection
    Watertight Concrete Admixtures

    Watertight concrete admixtures (or 'Type B' structurally integral waterproofing protection) are waterproofing admixtures which enhance the water-resistance of the concrete structure. Our watertight concrete admixtures come in both powder and liquid form.


  • 300dpiBlech2
    Joint Sealing Solutions/Waterstops

    Waterstops are used to provide enhanced resistance to water transmission at joints in the concrete structures. We offer five waterstop categories: bentonite based, TPE based Hydrophillic rubber, Active steel plate, PVC, and injection hose technology.


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    Cavity Drainage Membranes

    Cavity Drainage Membrane (Type C drained protection) manage water that penetrates the external shell of a structure, by collecting it in a cavity formed between the external wall and an internal lining/wall. There is permanent reliance on this cavity to collect groundwater seepage and direct it to a suitable discharge point.


Latest Projects

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SURFASOLOGY™ endeavour to be involved in project design to ensure that the correct products or systems are specified to maximise the outcome benefits for the client. Our highly qualified professional technical support team understand both the design and onsite requirements of the project and they work together with the various stakeholders to ensure that all considerations are taken into account when choosing the most suitable systems for specific application.

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